Our basic service consists of a translation performed by a professional translator who has the necessary experience, appropriate knowledge in the specific field, a suitable level of linguistic competences and uses advanced IT solutions.


This is an additional service which involves the checking of a translation by a native speaker of the target language. This service is particularly suitable for texts translated from Polish into a selected foreign language.


An additional service consisting in a thorough and meticulous verification of a translation by another translator who has the necessary experience, required knowledge in a specific field, a suitable level of linguistic competences and uses advanced IT solutions.

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Lantra Translations

Lantra Translations is a brand owned by Language Solutions – a company operating on the Polish and European translations market since 2005. Thanks to our many years of experience, the thousands of projects we have completed and a proven team of reliable translators, we are experts in the translation of different types of texts from and into Polish. We offer translations in all European languages and our translators are specialists in their fields of expertise.

Lantra Translations uses advanced technological and IT solutions, which facilitate the process of translating, while, at the same time, ensuring the maximum cohesion of translations, a high substantive and linguistic quality, as well as significant reductions in costs.

Our Mission

Lantra Translations’ priority is to provide its clients with flexible solutions and many different options, which enables the preparation of translations that meet all their needs and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order for a translation with Lantra Translations?

The easiest and fastest way to submit files for translation is send them to our email address ( We guarantee complete confidentiality and security of correspondence and shared files. It is also possible to deliver a text for translation in a hard copy or on CD/DVD to the head office of Lantra Translations, or send it by post or courier. In exceptional cases, texts for translation can be collected from the client’s premises by one of Lantra Translations’ employees.

How do you guarantee the high quality of rendered services?

Lantra Translations collaborates only with professional translators who have the necessary knowledge in a given field, the required experience and who use in their everyday operations the tools and software which ensure consistency of terminology and increased efficiency. All translations completed by our translators are verified internally using specialised IT tools, which control the coherence of a specific text as well as check spelling and enable the discovery of any inconsistencies or omissions.

Why does an editable file make it possible to shorten the deadline and reduce the price?

An editable version (source version) of a file for translation enables the use of special computer-aided translation tools (CAT), which accelerate the process of translation and therefore allow us to reduce the price thanks to repetitions or the so-called fuzzy matches. A sentence that has already been translated previously is automatically translated when it appears again in a new text provided the context is maintained. Moreover, working with an editable file means that the involvement of a graphic designer in the process is not necessary, who – otherwise – would be needed to prepare a non-editable file (graphic files, PDFs, etc.).

How is the price of a service estimated and calculated?

The price of translation, proofreading or verification depends on the number of words in the source file, i.e. the file submitted by the client. In the case of Word documents, this can be easily checked using the “Word Count” function in MS Word. The price also depends on the format of the file submitted for translation (editable file vs non-editable/graphic file), the degree of difficulty, field, and specialisation as well as any other additional operations that are needed to complete a given assignment.

What is the method of settling the services?

All services are settled based on VAT invoices issued after a specific service has been provided. We offer different methods of payment, such as: bank transfer, cash, PayPal. Terms of payment are set individually. In exceptional cases, we ask our clients to make an advance payment.


The typewriter ceased to be the tool of choice for a translator a long time ago. Today, no translator or translation company can operate without a computer, the Internet and advanced technological and IT solutions, which facilitate the process of translation, increase the quality and consistency of texts while at the same time making it possible to reduce costs.


We collaborate only with specialists and professional translators. We offer translations in the following areas and specialisations: Business and Marketing, Finances, Law, Medicine and Pharmacy, Technology, and IT. The experience of the translators who work for Lantra Translations, as well as their creative thinking and linguistic skills make it possible to meet even the most demanding expectations of our clients.


Every assignment entrusted to Lantra Translations is carried out in accordance with the approved quality management system. Before commencing work on a given project we make every effort possible to determine the needs of our clients, and it is because of this that the finished product is fully compatible and in compliance with those needs.

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