The typewriter ceased to be the tool of choice for a translator a long time ago. Today, no translator or translation company can operate without a computer, the Internet and advanced technological and IT solutions, which facilitate the process of translation, increase the quality and consistency of texts while at the same time making it possible to reduce costs. All the tools utilised at Lantra Translations are under the constant scrutiny and control of our translators, proofreaders and other employees.

Translation memories

Translation memories are databases where all translations in a given language pair, completed for a given client or a given project, are stored. The basic tool used by Lantra Translations to create translation memories is SDL Trados Studio 2014 – the leader on the market of CAT tools (i.e. computer-aided translation).

  • greater consistency – a sentence, once translated, will always be translated in the exact same way provided the context is maintained
  • lower costs – repetitions or fuzzy-matches are priced in a way significantly more beneficial for the client
  • shorter deadlines – sentences translated previously are automatically inserted into a new translation providing the context is maintained
  • higher quality – the risk of omitting anything is kept to a minimum


Termbases (i.e. glossaries) are special dictionaries created for a given client or a specific project based on previously completed translations or materials submitted by the client.

  • terminology compliance – specific expressions or terms, approved by the client, are always translated in the same way, even if a particular project has to be divided between many translators
  • shorter deadlines – translators do not have to search for translations of a given expression, because it has already been translated and approved by the client
  • better quality – clients receive texts with terminology that meets all the requirements applicable to their documentation
  • stricter control – before delivering a finished product to the client, the staff responsible for internal verification of translations at Lantra Translations use special tools to check if the terms included in an approved termbase have been used in the target file


The market is full of computer programs that enable the creation of text files, graphic files, interfaces etc. Thanks to converters we are able to deal with practically every format of file supplied by the client.

  • SDL Trados Studio 2014 – makes it possible to translate the most popular text files (e.g. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice), as well as advanced graphic files e.g. (InDesign) and XMLs
  • Abbyy FineReader and Abbyy PDF Converter – enable the conversion of PDFs and other non-editable formats (JPEG, TIFF) into selected editable formats (Microsoft Office), while at the same time maintaining the layout and graphic elements of the source file
  • Infix PDF Editor – enables translation directly to a PDF file (provided such a file is fully writeable and editable) without affecting the quality and graphic design

Quality assurance

Quality is the key element of the operations of Lantra Translations. We make every effort to guarantee that services provided by our translators and staff are fully compatible with the client’s expectations and meet all requirements in terms of quality. To this end, we use several tools.

  • SDL Trados Studio 2014 – a system which makes it possible to perform detailed checks of translations in terms of language, grammar and style, as well as their compliance with the approved translation memory and termbase
  • Xbench – a tool enabling verification of a prepared translation to find and quickly correct any potential inaccuracies, mistakes and inconsistencies
  • Dictionaries – our staff and contracted translators use specialist dictionaries created by experts and authorities in specific fields and areas of expertise

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